Confused about this breakup..


My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with my at my house almost a month ago. It’s been driving me crazy because after it happened, he was crying, telling me he still thought I was the one, and told me to keep all of his clothes and stuff (even tho I was like NO I don’t want it). We broke up due to his life being too crazy with work, school, college baseball, and family issues and things just not being the same between us in the last month. We haven’t spoken since the breakup but he still hasn’t deleted our photos from social media or anything. I miss him a lot but don’t wanna be the first to reach out since he ended things; I don’t wanna make it look like I can’t live without him. I just have sooo many things to get off my chest before we both go back to college (were 3 hours long distance) but like I said, don’t wanna look desperate. He did something to make me have trust issues and I wanna apologize for never giving him the chance to redeem himself and being kinda unfair. I just wish he would reach out but I can’t be getting my hopes up. Has this happened to anyone before? What should I do?