Thanks mom

Sat down after doing the dishes to have a quick bite to eat since I haven’t eaten all day. My mom comes back from the store and says “I guess the cat box isn’t important. Lazy piece of shit. I guess you’re moving out, so it doesn’t matter”. Yes mom, I sat down to eat before wanting to touch shit. I’m so lazy.

I knew she’d hold me moving out over my head. “You’re house is going to look like shit the way you live” “I don’t know how your boyfriend can stand to live with you” you’re such a slob”. Excuse me for having depression and not having the energy to clean my room. But you don’t care about that either do you? It’s all in my head right?

And yes, I’m totally going to make sure my apartment is 100% a mess the entire time. Ever heard about starting fresh? Apparently not, because you still went back to drinking after receiving a DUI and going to jail.