Another follow up Ultrasound...UPDATED!

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I had a missed call from the Nurse Practitioner I see when I don’t see my doctor. She said to call her back because I need ANOTHER follow up ultrasound but didn’t say why or give me any information. She also called late enough in the day so that I wouldn’t have time to call in before the office closed.

I am 8 weeks and 3 days. I lost my baby girl 12 months ago at 19 weeks. I would expect her to understand that I might have anxiety. She apparently doesn’t.

I went in at 6 weeks 4 days and she called to tell me a few days later that I needed another ultrasound because baby was “measuring a couple of days behind” (was 3 days by the chart document) and the “heart rate was a little low” (it was marked at 113 or borderline low according to the chart document). The document also says I have a cyst on both of my ovaries and a small 7mm sub-chorionic hemorrhage. I went for my follow up ultrasound 13 days later which was Friday the 26th. She calls me today, Tuesday, leaves a cryptic message saying I need another.

Literally anything could be wrong. Or the tech didn’t get enough pictures which has happened before. Nothing could be wrong. The bleed could have gotten bigger. The cysts could have gotten bigger. Baby seemed to be a lot bigger than the previous ultrasound but what do I know and baby had a heartbeat.

Basically I have to wait until tomorrow and I’m terrified.

Update: I talked to the NP, she said there are two gestational sacs. One is growing right on track with a strong heartbeat and looks fantastic. The other is a week behind. And not much else is known. She said “so right now we know that you have one viable baby” I go in for another ultrasound tomorrow. I am happy to have one doing so well, but I am worried about the other. I am trying my best to be optimistic. What a day.