Child support?


Ok, I'm frustrated and need to rant. My daughter will be two in October. I got in a bind while she was a baby and needed food stamps, in order for that Wi made me name him and fill out paperwork for child support. 14 months later.. The state of Illinois hasn't been able to find him to serve him papers to "prove paternity". Hes literally been on the run since after she was born, when I told him to sign over his writes, or he would be paying child support. I know I know very petty of me. I was just so mad at him after I had her. He left me when I was 3 months pregnant. He did the whole "its not my baby" even tho he was living with me when I got pregnant. (No I didnt cheat) in July I was trying to discuss names with him and he said "her name will be Lillee Jean or I dont want anything to do with her" blocked me on Facebook. Fast forward to October I had her. Had to use my mom's Facebook to let him know (still had me blocked) tried for 3 months to get him to see her even offered to drive to him. Finally told him her name and it became "that's not my baby" again. So.. long story to get super off topic for my question. Has anyone else gone thru this? Does anyone know what happens next. Last time I called to check on the case, they said Illinois has transferred it to their legal team. How long did it take you? Is it really worth fully pursuing?

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