Is this just a stage or the start of a "bad" habit?


FTM here. My little guy is 14 weeks old. I'm still home with him and we breastfeed on demand and typically follow a 'eat, play, sleep' routine but not a schedule per say.

Anyways, he has always been a frequent eater but recently instead of eating every 2.5-3 hours he now seems to be "snacking" more frequently. He will want to nurse for a few minutes (not a full feed) within 30-60 minutes of just eating.

Is this a new cluster feeding stage/ growth spurt, or is this something that is going to turn into a bad habit of him wanting to eat for 2 minutes at a time all throughout the day? Is there anything I should be doing or do I just ride it out?

PS- I am very confident this is not a supply issue.

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