For once I want to believe something he says..

Before I start complaining about my current situation I will go into why it’s this way. I’m 16 and engaged to the father of my 2 children. While pregnant with my first son he started sleeping with another girl and hid it from me. Repeatedly asked him and he said he never did. Come to find out they were in fact sleeping together. I told him to decide he never did. She left him because he refused to pick. I was sick of his lies and the manipulation so I left him and said I didn’t want him around me. At 29 weeks I had an ultrasound and he came with me(I was trying to see if things got better) he then lied more about being with someone and led me on again. When my son hit a week old he sent me papers taking me to court for half custody. I was not even 15 yet. The judge granted visits everyday for 2 hours at my house. (He was living with his grandma who was very unhealthy and their house was very unclean.) we started rebuilding our relationship and he came with my family on a trip where he pretends he broke up with his girlfriend and that we can finally be a family. Yet again another lie. He apologized I fell for it and then we got really close and they did break up and we got back together. I ended up getting pregnant again 2 months after I turned 15 from one mistake. Not knowing I was pregnant at the time I saw a text on his phone confirming a suspicion that he slept with his ex the same week we got together and the time he was leading me on. I forgive him again like an idiot because I don’t want court anymore. His grandma then kicks him out and he moves in to the spare bedroom as long as the rules are followed. I found out I was pregnant and after we told my parents they forgave him but everything changed. He started to control me or atleast I started to notice it. He always had to have my phone, I couldn’t talk to any of my old friends, and couldn’t go anywhere. Then low and behold I find out he had been lying to me about things again. We never stopped fighting. My second son was born at 33 weeks because my body couldn’t handle the stress of how he treated me. My placenta abrupted and I hemorrhaged while my son was in a breach position. All he took out of it was that he missed seeing both his sons born even tho it almost killed me. Now he gets mad at me for everything and thinks taking care of the boys isn’t enough. Im so tired all the time and he doesn’t care. He didn’t even get a job til after we told my parents about the baby and he still doesn’t really pay for anything my parents do even tho he makes enough. Now he is lying to me about drinking and talking to girls and everything he would scream at me for. He sets rules that he says we both have to follow but he never does.