Can't sleep. So NERVOUS. 😰

It's almost 2 am. I have to be up by 6 am, and I can't sleep. I'm a nervous wreck. I'm having a scheduled c-section and it's keeping me awake. I've had a previous c-section, but I was completely put under for it, but this time I'll be awake. I think that's what's freaking me out more. That and the recovery. Women who say a c-section is the easy way out..couldn't be more wrong. It's absolutely terrifying knowing what's going to happen. I've been anxious, sweating, shaking all day today..hoping I don't suffer from a panic attack tomorrow. I've read post and comments from other women saying how great their planned c-sections went and that thry had an amazing experience. That does help a bit hearing that. I just can't wait for it to be over and to have my baby in my arms.