Move on or try harder?


I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago because I felt he was distance and didn't want to sort things out with me, he wasn't acting right and I couldn't tolerate it anymore. I thought he met someone else and didn't love me anymore but I guess I thought wrong. I was heart broken that he didn't try to reach out to me for weeks after the break up and last week I thought he blocked me so I wrote a 2page text to his number, just wanting to let it all out an move on.I did that and apparently he didn't block me so he replied, saying I hurt him,that I was disrespectful and not submissive and that when he asked me to submit I chose to walk away from him. And saying after all we've been through together, he stood by me all through my difficult times(was in an accident a year ago and I couldn't walk for months) and now just one issue we had I dumped him.

I felt bad and I could hear the pain in his voice and everything, this nigga is a proud mf and for him to admit that he was hurt then he was extremely hurt. Since last week I have been trying to get back with him, I apologised for misunderstanding and just breaking up instead of trying harder, he has just been unresponsive. He'd say he doesn't want me back and that he has moved on and that I hurt him bad. I think he just wants to be baby-ed but I have apologised for a whole week, trying to get to see him but he has refused to see me. The last thing he said to me was "You want me to reward you for your efforts at your own time at your own pace do you think my life is centered around you smh". He has talked about marriage and all, he is 30years old and I'm 23years. I am not disrespectful to him, he basically wants to lord over me and doesn't let me decide things for myself, if I insist on my way he gets pissed. Right now, I think I have apologised enough and I'm tired of him treating me like it was all my fault, because if he wasn't treating me bad I wouldn't have left, now he says he was treating me bad cause I was disrespecting and challenging him. I don't know what to do...