I just want to hide away.


Me and my husband was talking about adding a new little addition to our family back in October 2018... We found out we was pregnant in January 2019 and then sadly MCed in March 2019... 3 weeks later we found out my sister in law was pregnant but then she sadly MCed 4 weeks after telling us....

Me and my hubby have been trying ever since our MC, we've done everything! Temping, taking the correct vitamins, stopping smoking... Everything... And here we are 4 months later and still no baby... Wake up this morning to a text saying my sister in law is 8 weeks pregnant meaning she fell pregnant on her first cycle. I'm so heartbroken, I'm still laid in bed and really don't want to get out of bed.

I'm on CD2 when I should actually be on CD22 as my AF decided to come early... A full 7 days early!

I can't even avoid her, coz we are going on holiday next weekend with them for a week. It's actually killing me. I'm so happy for her, and can't wait for another little niece or nephew, but I also want to be a mummy again. I feel like my time is up, I'm 31 and feel that that's it, that door has shut, we left it to long as our youngest is 6 and never had any trouble before getting pregnant as I have 4 kids and all was conceived within 3 months of stopping the pill.

Sorry, just needed to vent where know one knows me. X x