Watery discharge or amniotic fluid?


How can you tell the difference between the two? As most of you guys have, I’ve been having lots of discharge the whole pregnancy. Usually clear to milky white and usually on the creamy side.

I saw a post the other day about PROM and it’s made me a nervous wreck ever since. I haven’t had any complications so far that i know of and i don’t go back to the doctor til August 14th for my anatomy scan at 18+3.

I left some discharge leak out while in bed last night and it felt more liquid than normal. I checked and it’s clear/very light white. It kinda looks like discharge but idk!

Why are there so many worries with pregnancy! Lol i just want to enjoy it while my morning sickness is gone but now i have another fear set into my mind! Ugh lol.

Does anyone know if you can tell the difference between the two?? If anything, just help me chill out bc i hate getting in my own head about something that’s probably nothing!