On my 2nd cycle of letrozole and ovidrel. Went to my RE on Saturday, July 27 (CD12) and had one follicle that was 11.2mm on my right side. I went back again yesterday, July 30 (CD 15) and had 3 on my right side, 18.8mm, 18.6,mm and 12.1mm. I know my RE said they want your follicle between 18-22mm. So they had me trigger last night, which I did. Last month I had one follicle on my left side that was 18.3 mm and I had another that was 13.8 mm. Considering I have two larger follicles this month, does that mean I have more of a chance? Do they both release, or does the more dominant one release. I want so badly for this to work and don't want to get my hopes up thinking I'm releasing two when I'm not. Thanks in advance!

Also been about 16 hours since my trigger and I’m having strong ovarian pain on my right side, is that normal?