Am I over reacting?! 😬 bf issues

Jen x • I say it how it is x

So my bf has got the house free to himself for a week, as the rest of his family have gone on holiday.

I’m 3 hrs away visiting my mum for the next 2 weeks, so I can’t c him

The day his family leave, he calls me up and says his mum didn’t pay the internet bill so he won’t be able to contact thru socials only by text ‘when he gets the time to do so’

- which to me just sounds kinda fishy - the day he has a free house, the internet cuts out and he can’t contact me?!

I said yeah that’s cool n I understand

He’s been home alone for 3 days now and we haven’t spoke, I texted him each day n also called him but got no reply........

(Usually we text/call non stop)

Could he be having other girls round his house????? so he doesn’t want me messaging/calling and interrupting....

Or could he just have been generally super busy the last 3 days n not had time to tell me

I’m an over reactor and my first thought is that he’s deffo got a girl round or has been going and seeing another girl?????!

Can I just have other people’s thoughts on this situation please...