How would you respond?

JD • Proud mama 💙🌻

Or would you even respond at all?

Backstory: so my sister passed away 7/13/13. One day at work in 2017 I helped a lady. I was a service advisor at a dealership. She didn’t have an apt, but needed an oil change. She did not know me and I did not know her. As I was checking in her car she asked me if I a sister who passed away. Completely caught off guard, I looked at her funny and said yeah, why? She said “she wants me to tel you she loves you and” and then I cut her off cause I thought it was kinda odd. I ask her why did she say that and she tells me she’s a medium and a holistic healer, whatever that is. We made small talk on some things she does and she gave me her number if I ever wanted to meet with her privately. She didn’t end up getting any work done and that was the 1 and only time I ever saw her/ talked to her.

Well yesterday, I was getting this urge to go talk with a medium and I was searching around online for some when I remembered I had her number. So I called her around 10am and left a voicemail that said “hey Melissa, if this is even your number still. This might be weird but my name is ___ and I was your advisor at ___ a few years ago. I had a question for you. Please call me back at __. Thank you” she didn’t call me back but this morning I woke up to this message.

I don’t know how to take it or how to respond but I’m getting some freaky vibes from it. Should I say something back? Or do you think that it’s an odd response? Maybe I’m thinking too much into it 🤷🏼‍♀️

I made my voicemail so vague so she wouldn’t know if I was calling for a reading or calling about her car visit years ago. Also vague cause I didn’t know what the heck to say lol.