Could this be implantation pain ?


Hi girls, me and my husband have been TTC for 3 years but weve only just started our first lot of OPKS Clear blue Advanced Digital tests. I used one in the morning and it was just a blank face, I thought no it must be wrong since I'm getting cramps, so I tested again that Tea time and got a High Peak....So we did bd'ing oh yeah, anyways I've got an app and it's usually very reliable when it says I'm due my period I do end up coming on 🤷‍♀️ Today is supposed to be Ovulation day on there and I'm wondering if I could be!! This is 5 dpo and I've been getting really bad cramps down where my ovaries are, I've sore nipples and bloated. Could this be the 'real' ovulation day, or could it maybe implantation pain ?

Oh and those tests also once you've recieved one of those faces you can take the test out and look at it, on non fertile days it shows 1 line, (test line) and when I got my high fertility I took it off and I saw 2 lines, 3 days later I did another one 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ yes there was still a lighter colour in one line. Its the Clearblue Advance digital tests.