Just hold on💫

Haley • 🤰🏼Momma to Halen

Trust me ladies, I know it is hard, very hard. I’ve been down this road. It’s a cold, dark road.

I was that lady who struggled to get pregnant.

I was that lady who got pregnant, just to find out a few weeks later, after seeing a heartbeat, that our baby was in Heaven.

That’s the lady I was...

Today I’m that lady that always kept her faith in the Lord and He answered mine & my husband’s prayers.

We are pregnant with our rainbow.

I pray this shines some light on your day, because like I said, I understand how it feels. I hope I didn’t say anything that upsets ANYONE! Because this ttc journey is very hard and can make you very very sensitive, which is completely normal.

All you beautiful ladies are in my prayers! God WILL place a baby in YOUR womb!!!💗