period after plan b ??

okay soo i’m kinda nervous. i had unprotected sex twice on july 6, close to midnight, but it was the last day of my period. the first time he didn’t cum in me but the second i’m not sure at all. i was scared. i wasn’t in my fertile window yet or ovulating. i wasn’t sure if he came in me, so i took a plan b the next day( within 24 hrs) and like 5 days later i started spotting. i know it’s a side effect, it only lasted 3-4 days. well today i’m supposed to get my period. last night and this morning i had cramps and my lower back was hurting. but still no period. i’m kinda nervous. i know plan b can delay your period, but idk i’m kinda scared. i’ve been feeling bloated also, but other than that nothing else