HCG levels at 6 weeks

****Editing to add that I did experience a miscarriage, my numbers went down and I started bleeding, not just spotting. My first pregnancy was a miscarriage. My next 2 pregnancies I went on to have healthy babies. With those 2 pregnancies I started getting sick at 5 weeks and had HG throughout my pregnancies. The reason why I was nervous that there were no symptoms. I know every pregnancy is different, but both of my healthy ones have been mostly the same. I do trust my OB and while I was there I wasn’t bleeding much at all. It wasn’t until later on in the day that it started getting heavier. I do not have any cramps, in fact physically I feel fine except for amount of bleeding.****

I am 6 weeks pregnant and started spotting this morning. I went in to see my doctor and she did an exam and said it looked like old blood and said that spotting sometimes happens but my HCG level was only 922. Isn’t that a little low for 6 weeks? I go back on Friday but right now I’m not holding my breath. I just have a bad feeling. I don’t feel pregnant, I have no symptoms at all. 😔