DIY Vintage Sign


This weekend my husband and I went to a local summer market and I saw all these beautiful antique signs that said “Farmhouse” or “Antiques” etc. and I absolutely fell in love but they were so freaking expensive (like over $100 for a sign.... sorry, what?! 🤯). Anyway, I got a crazy idea to try and make one myself and I think my cheap alternative looks pretty darn good.

We just built a house in a new development and the workers are always throwing away scrap pieces of wood and I snagged this bad boy by the dumpster fo freeee. I sanded it down a little, it didn’t need that much sanding.

I then painted it white with chalk paint (2 coats)

Printed off my letters and stenciled them on to the wood.

And then finished it off with a little sanding and some antiquing wax and that’s it.