He's back & driving me crazy!

My ex disappeared again almost 2 months ago after hooking up with a new girl. I was angry at 1st because we were FWB and he didn't say a word about her...he just disappeared. He made up every excuse not to see me or even talk to me cause he was TOO BUSY, but he had time to find a new gf. Anyhow, I haven't heard anything since the end of June except when I asked him a question about a pool ladder we built. He answered me and nothing more. My birthday was July 28th and he wished me a happy birthday and said he hoped I had a good day. I thanked him and told him about my crappy dinner. He said he was sorry and I left it at that. A few hours later he said he had been thinking about me. I responded with you have a gf. He responded with you just don't understand. You never will. I said ok and he continued to tell me that he's dirt track racing and I need to cheer him on. Again I said you have a gf. Now he's nagging me to write him a sexual story like I used to. Again I said you have a gf. Boom! He will text over and over begging for a story. If I did that to him OMG he would be pissed. I ignore him and it gets worse. The happy birthday was nice, but you haven't seen me or text me in almost 2 months and you are begging for a story! Ask your gf. If you say block him he will just use a text app. I cannot change my number. I have a business.