is it just me ?

but getting on this app is super depressing.. it’s in a blue moon i see some posts that spark some type of happiness for me

i see a lot of women (88% of the majority tbh) dealing with infidelity/cheating etc and they’re asking how to fix their relationship or marriage. or going to marriage counseling.

like they’re trying so so hard to fix it when there’s not much to fix when some of these women deserve BETTER

but for me after my last relationship and giving so many opportunities and being cheated on.. that if it did happen again (which i’m hoping not)

i just wouldn’t care. i’d leave. i wouldn’t even try to fix anything because i’m personally tired of trying to be a fixer.

kudos to the girls who love their spouse or partner or anything, i just couldn’t stand by being paranoid and having the thought of being cheated again or my trust fucked so much that it affects me so much mentally that’s just .. unhealthy.

what about y’all?