How to remind yout mil that you are not religious?


I have repeatedly (at least 2-3 separate occasions) let my mil know that I do not believe in any religion. I’m a “hope” person. I believe in morals. I’ve been as respectful can be but it feels as if she has tried shoving her religion down my throat repeatedly. I’m not sure if she’s doing it on purpose but it’s getting annoying. I’m glad we live in desperate countries but every time we visit or she texts me she mentions religion as many times as she can. She’s tried convincing my husband to baptize our son ..I was all up for it but I curiously asked my husband (who is also religious) but didn’t have an idea why people get baptized so after that I believe he was just doing it because his mother kept asking when he was going to baptize him. I don’t know if I should be as annoyed as I am but I definitely feel uncomfortable every time she mentions religion. First time I let her know I didn’t believe in anything she asked why (she had brought this topic up in front of her family; brothers, husband, nieces, etc everyone is religious) she put me in an uncomfortable spot which I hate so I got defensive and just shut down.. they told me that I would be “saved” soon. Second time she brought it up when she asked when we were going to baptize our son I told her it would be up to him when he understood what religion meant and if he wanted to be religious than so be it. She felt like I was just trying to fight. Third time she directly asked again (we were alone I was driving) why I wasn’t religious if it was because I was trying to get her mad (what in the actual fuck I’ve not been religious for 10+ years..I didn’t even know her or her son) and that’s when I let her know that I believe in morals and hope and she belittled me and said I had to believe in something because hoping doesn’t do anything. After that she mentioned religion any moment she could (i had been staying with her and her husband for 3 months because of my husbands work situation..he’s in the military if that helps y’all judge me less) and I know for a fact that being religious doesn’t make anyone a better person because I used to be religious (my mom would make me go to church) and I would see people that would go to church every Sunday but would be assholes out of church and just very judge mental. Not saying everyone was like this but most people were and it was just disgusting to see them in there.