Ugh I know.. blue dye 😬

So yesterday I tested at 8 dpo with my last IC. (Premom, Or pregmate or whatever) anywho.

So today while shopping, I see a 2 line + digital life brand on for $19.49 and think “ahhhh what the hell” amazon order won’t arrive until Sunday. That gave me a test for today and tomorrow.

BUT. I didn’t realize it was a blue dye test....

so here’s my dilemma, I SEE TWO LINES. I seen it within SECONDS. Darkened after 1 min but before two. Test says not to read after 10.

So here it is at 2 mins. I swear it’s positive, but I’m scared to get my hopes up.

Please someone help. Give me some hope. Yes I know it’s early... but I’m addicted to testing 😭 ... just want my BFP after 3 Chems and a mmc this year...

I’ve added the original and 2 edited versions. All taken at the same time.

Thanks ladies...

and Baby dust 👶👶👶