Just need a little guidance


*please when reading this don’t just come and attack me, my heart is so fragile and I have to not a soul to talk too.

It all started last aug when I met this guy and spent 4 days with him. I’ve never had a one night stand and this one night stand turned into a 3 month stand. I really started to like him, he was quiet and didn’t like to party much. And in bed I turned him into a freak. When nov came around i had to go home for the weekend to bring my dog back so it was trip I’ll forever regret. He texted me Thursday and I explained I was out of town but I’ll literally be back the next day. That day comes I reach out and nothing. Not a f*king thing. But on snapchat I found out he was literally at the building across from mine. He didn’t hookup with anyone but made sure to not text me again. I tried a few times after that the last would be in dec. fast forward to April after going through the hardest 3 months of my life. All my friends just stopped being my friend and I had not 1 person reach out to me and see where I was or anything so on top of that loosing this guy I really liked. I was so confused to why it stopped so abruptly when the last time we hung out it was amazing. Anyway in April I said screw it im gonna text him and sure enough I got a reply. I later found out by this girl that he started booking up with her and of nov til like beginning of feb. so I also regret not texting him sooner. (Stupid I know) and I was even stupider to think that after seeing him in April it would continue. It personally seemed like he hadn’t been with anyone for a lil while but than again I’m just going off of how he was performing lol fast forward to present day I find out he decided to start dating someone in June. Which doesn’t make any type of sense since he wanted to get out of the state he was in originally. This post is all over the place but I just need someone’s advice or some guidance and clarity how you start randomly dating someone that lives in an entirely different state as you. Those 3 months were hell and have ruined me. All I did was cry and cry and cry. And I know it’s stupid to cry over a guy but I was already at such a low point in life. So please be gentle