Who said I love you first.

Currently in my first “real” not toxic relationship of almost 9 months and realized I am in love with this man. We haven’t said it to eachother first, although he’s said other things like he’s smitten and his boss along with other people say he’s in love.. but in my other 2 relationships the man said it first both times. And way too fast may I add, that I didn’t say it back until I had time to even consider it and honestly It took me awhile to say it back... but it has me thinking how. Because I honestly don’t want to say it first. It’s a story that everyone has and tells for years. And I’m no feminist or anything but my last relationship was so toxic that he would use the words against me. That it makes me scared to say it first incase this man doesn’t feel the same way.

Who said it first?

Would you say it first?

Please no need for bashing women that don’t want to say it first, lots of people are old fashioned and the male makes most first moves in things, that’s how it as raised anyways. Everyone Has their own rights and opinions nobody needs to be attacked like lots of people choose to do on here.

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