Am I Expecting ?


I am a mother of a beautiful 1yr old girl. Recently I’ve got some symptoms that make me believe I may be expecting AGAIN! I have not yet missed my period but I decided to test anyways. So I took a test Tuesday morning at 2am after work. I didn’t see anything so I went to bed. In the morning I saw this (1st pic). So I was confused. I took another test Thursday morning with first mornings pee (second pic) I forgot it in the bathroom for 2hrs. But the “positive” sign piped up clear as day to me. So last night I took two more back to back (3rd and 4th pic). i see a faint bar in pic #3. But nothing in pic #4. I’m just so confused..... I will wait for a missed period and another test to be more certain but can any mommas tell me what you think? Am I pregnant or not? Even tho I left them sitting “too long”??