Cycle buddies day 15-16

Mrs. Younq • - - >} MerQÛĒËŃ { < - - Engaged💍 to a KING #TTC bby#1 #LetGoAndLetGod to all my ladies #BD🌬💕🌬💙🤞🏾🌬✨

Hi gurls, my name is Aleah and I’m 26 years old. My husband and I Have been #ttc for a couple months now on and off. This month will be my first month #ttc using an #OPK, smoothies with organic maca power, spurlina, caco nibs, goji berries!!! Which is really good for sperm and egg quality Really really good ! and PRE-SEED fyl** if your #ttc and dnt really get that good ol' egg white #CM that we all are hoping for(I here this stuff is MAGICAL✨) . With that being said, Today was the darkest line I’ve gotten so far !!! So with fingers crossed, a lot of baby dancing ¨̮, and most importantly letting go and letting god, at this point it’s all about having fun and having faith ! Wish me luck ladies and to all my cycle buddies #ttc this weekend BABY DUST TO TOU ALL 🌬💙🌬💕🌬🤞🏾🌬🙏🏾🌬