What is happening 😩

My LO used to be a great sleeper. He’d sleep from about 8-4 maybe waking once in between to eat but he’d go right back to sleep. And then he’d be up for the day around 6. Then we hit leap 4 and I expected some sleep changes...which definitely happened. He started waking a little more frequently and was waking earlier for the day. We were dealing with that ok until recently 😳 The past few nights have been horrible. He’s been waking like and hour or two after he goes to sleep. Last night he woke up two hours after going to bed and then was awake for TWO AND A HALF HOURS and nothing we did made him go back to sleep. I finally was able to nurse him back to sleep and then he slept for a pretty good chunk but was still up and awake for the day at 5:30. Idk how many more nights of this I can take! I’m only getting like 3 hours/sleep a night and it’s starting to take a toll on all of us 😩

Just needed to rant...