Looking for a cycle buddy **

Mrs. Younq • - - >} MerQÛĒËŃ { < - - Engaged💍 to a KING #TTC bby#1 #LetGoAndLetGod to all my ladies #BD🌬💕🌬💙🤞🏾🌬✨

Looking for a partner in crime to update with .. and wait out the following two weeks for a #PDG POSITIVE!!! Idk about you but it definitely takes the edge off for me when I have someone just as anxious and excited as I am to converse with .. I am exhausting my friends with all this baby talk lol and I’m really looking for some new friendsssss and lots of ppl who just want someone that GETS IT and gets your emotions. All who have been trying for bby #1 or just trying at all for that matter .. know how stressful and emotional this journey can sometimes be ! we all need someone 💙💕💙💕 BABY DUST 🌬🌬🌬✨✨✨ 🤞🏾