Was this ok for my husband to say to me?

I had physical therapy on Thursday

My therapist was a male not my choice just the only 1 avail that day

We talked

My therapist massaged my legs felt around my legs for tenderness etc and came to the conclusion in addition to Achilles tendinitis the scar tissue from my Achilles heel injury attached it’s self to the tendon.

Idk If he was jealous or not but there were comments he made that made me feel like I did something wrong and I felt ashamed

Saying things like

I had a glow about me when I walked out of the exam room with him

I had a twinkle in my eye

When I walked out of the room with my therapist I was all smiles and laughing

He said something Like did it turn you on when he touched your legs were you all mmmmm yes

I don’t like it all he touched your legs I’m not ok with it...at all

So you guys chit chatted rather than getting down to business about things I said no? We mainly discussed the issues and treatment

I mentioned I had to lie down on a “bed” not a real bed so my condition could be fully evaluated since he, the PT wasn’t sure if it was the Achilles heel tendon causing the issues 100% or if the muscles were affected too (it was concluded my muscles are fine, it is the Achilles heel and scar tissue causing the issues)

All My husband said was ohhhh so there’s a bed back there mmm hmmm I know what was going on

Ummm ya all the rooms have 1 for patients ? I replied

There were no questions or concerns about what I newly learned about my Achilles heel from My husband all I got were disparaging comments like I stated here.

I laughed at first thinking he’s Joking and my husband was all see your smiling about it must be true there’s that glow I was talking about there’s that twinkle I said stop it he’s my therapist to help me

He said your laughing is that s nervous chuckle

I said nooo? You’re joking right?

He said duh

but kept bringing up throughout the evening

I feel he sees me as this slut and I’ve never cheated on him I feel ashamed I laughed and talked with my PT 😪😥😔

There was nothing sexual going on with my PT nor flirting

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