At this point .. idk

So me and man have been dating for 4 years. He cheated in our 3rd year of dating and i left. 8 months apart and we got back cordial But, I didn’t give him much of my attention back just yet. Eventually things end up working back out for us. Now, lately I’ve been feeling like he’s been lying about a few things, we go certain places and I get ugly stares and looks from females that I feel like he knows (he visits the same 3 stores everyday) . So when we started back dating, he had been with a few people(so he said) but I found out there was MANY MORE. Being that we were starting off on a clean slate, I said ok well every one of those females you’ve been with have to go. I deleted EVERY females number he had been with. I have good memory , remember that . Now today, early this morning. Ladies I get a gut feeling that I need to check his phone, so I did so. I went to contacts and low and behold I find 2 of the women number back in his phone. When I tell you my damn stomach felt like it dropped to my knees.. I felt instant rage. I asked him why they were in his phone and he got defensive. It’s been hours later and I’m feeling many ways. I’m disappointed and pissed. I can’t seem to shake this hurtful feeling. I don’t know if I should call it quits or continue to show this man that I love him dearly. What would you ladies do?