Good News!!!!


I’ve posted a ton lately about how stressful life has been and everything going on... well, we don’t have to worry anymore!

We were in the process of trying to buy a home... now, we have a closing date at the end of September!

I was struggling to try and plan a small DIY destination wedding... my grandma said she will take care of it all!

And the best part...

My fiancé was possibly about to lose his job. Due to marijuana charges from over 3 years ago that we didn’t even know existed until 2 years after the incident (he was let go, never arrested... but is a felony in that state) He worked his butt off to quit smoking, is doing a diversion program that has him 100% sober and is following every rule to make sure that this past mistake doesn’t impact our daughter’s life.

And he was just told that his boss got in contact with a higher up at the corporate office and they reviewed everything and have decided to keep letting him work for that company THEY EVEN WANT TO GIVE HIM MORE WORK. Him. By hisself. Is putting his competitor out of business. One man is putting a whole crew out of business. So much so that they keep begging him to go work for them!

THANK GOD everything is back on track and going smoothly again!