Toy Recommendations for Birthday

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Hi ladies, I’m starting to create a toy list for LOs first birthday list, and I’m curious what toys are sparking interest for yours? 🧸 I prefer educational ones, and tend to gravitate toward ones like VTech, Baby Einstein, LeapFrog, to name a few.

Open to suggestions on current interests and what y’all have your eye on for say 12-18 mths. Even better if they’re grow-with-baby type toys!!

Excited to see what y’all recommend!!

Much love mamas! 💜💜💜

Picture for attention. 😜


I must have worded this post incorrectly or given primarily electronic toy brands bc I fear I’ve given the wrong impact of what we are looking for! 😅 We are not primarily searching for electronic light up toys. ❌

We simply desire stimulating, educational, sensory development toys to enjoy! We love music too! 😁


Basically, not just a book about magical unicorns, but a book with a meaningful/teachable storyline... preferably one with multiple textures, bright colors, etc.

Not just a puzzle, but a puzzle that your child specifically enjoyed due to the chunky size, eye grabbing colors, material/textures used, etc.

***Developmental/educational/STEM toys, that’s what I should have said 😅


For example, some other toy lines we enjoy are Sassy, Lamaze, Melissa and Doug, Fat Brain and Baby B.


I’m also hoping for specific product recommendations (thanks to all who included a screenshot or brand name - that’s what I’m needing!). I’m doing a lot of research and would appreciate being able to skip having to read all these reviews and just gain some recommendations from mamas like you all!

Like what did you child specifically enjoy, and why? Like you’d buy it again for another child or family member because you know how enjoyable it is!

Against thanks for all your feedback! This app helps me sooooo much and I’m always eager for all the responses and excited about what I find!

Much love, mamas!!! 💛💗💛💗💛