Different beliefs ruining are relationship.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and we have a baby together. He is christian and I am not. His beliefs and mine go at each other like war. He gets upset about gays and transgenders. I have a very close cousin who is gay. I get upset because we don’t know what are son will be and I know if are son comes out gay his family won’t love him anymore. They are already upset that he had sex before marriage and also had a kid. He gets upset when I tell him I don’t want are son to grow up Christian (like his parents raised him). They Believe he is “sining”. His father shared a post on facebook saying “ your opinions don’t matter if the Bible says it’s a sin it’s a sin” his parents had 13 kids and my boyfriend is number 9, he has low confidence, he’s controlling, everyone talks over him, and his parents don’t listen to him when he talks. His sister moved in with her boyfriend and his parents told her that they are going to pray for her, they won’t talk to her, and that she’s going to be left behind when Jesus comes back.