He doesn’t desire me

Any of you ladies feel like your partner doesn’t desire you? He doesn’t ask for any sexy pics while he’s at work, but we do live together so we see each other every day. I got boudoir pictures done and he doesn’t even look at them, but what can you really do with them right? He doesn’t touch my body or look at me when I’m naked, but we walk around naked all the time so he’s used to it. I also gained quite a bit of weight and had a baby and my body looks terrible but I’m working out and dieting and starting to lose weight. We have sex weekly but it seems like he’s more interested in the sex than admiring or loving my body. Is this normal? It’s really hurting my self esteem and I feel miserable every day 😔 if I bring it up with him, he gets mad at me for “accusing him” 😔