Boyfriend better looking then I am.

Celeste • Mama to 2 wonderful babies!

Anyone dating someone who’s better looking then they are?

How the fuck do you deal with the jealousy?! And the insecurity?!? THE ANXIETY!? I suffer with a handful of mental illness, and this just adds to that spiral.

I considered myself a solid 8 until recently and I’m having a hard time with it!

My boyfriend doesn’t do a damn thing to feed my insecurity, it’s just other women, in public...well I’m around...Yesterday was just the tipping point for me, but JUST OVER THE LAST 5 DAYS, I had to witness him being catcalled by a car of women, the grocery lady calling me his sister despite us holding hands, some biotch on Instagram saying I’m too fat for such a hot guy, and the liquor store lady asking if she could buy him a drink sometime.

AND IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! I’m not used to this at all, I’ve never been with someone who’s so noticed by women. It’s really bringing out my insecure side 😣

Tips? Advice? Do I get him burka? Is that my only option?! Please women who’ve been there how do you cope!

-edit- the children are mine from a failed marriage...I had to walk away from a horrible relationship with their father. I didn’t think anyone would choose me again after that ended....but he’s been around since my daughter was born and my kids finally have a dad.

-edit AGAIN- I’ve had four message requests on here (which I didn’t even know was a thing), and 3 of them were from women telling me my guy is out of my league, too hot for me, and way better looking then me. YA’LL ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. I’m