I went into labor the day i was supposed to be induced!

Janyska • 💕Aria’s mommy💕

At 11:20pm on August 7 i started having the worst abdominal pain ever. I was 39 weeks and about 4 days i think but i didn’t think i was in labor because everything i read and everything the doctors and nurses told me contractions were supposed to get closer and stronger over time but these came out of no where. I was in the kitchen warming up spaghetti to eat and i kept having these pains but i tried to ignore them. So i made it to bed and started eating then the pain kept coming back. They were so painful and so close together. I could not get comfortable no matter what i tried. So i called my bf in to the bedroom to tell him I was in a lot of pain. I went to take a hot bath and he sat in there with me but i couldn’t take the pain anymore so i had him call our hospital L&D department and they told me to just come on in. We make it there at 1:30 am and as soon as we approached the door i started throwing up. We finally got checked in and they said they would keep me anyways since i was scheduled to be induced at 7am the same day. I told the nurse i wanted epidural right away and about 30 minutes later the guy came in and i felt relief almost immediately. The nurse checked me and i was about 6cm at 3am but my cervix was thicker on

the right side so they had me lay with a peanut ball in between my legs. I woke up around 7am and my entire left side was in horrible pain so they had to come back in a fix my epidural then i went back to sleep. Then i woke up and felt really wet and turns out my water broke in my sleep. Then the nurse came in at 10:50ish and i was over 9cm dilated and she said we were going to do some practice pushing. After about 45 minutes of pushing she called the doctor in and i pushed for about 20 more minutes and my baby girl was born at 11:59am on August 8th. They said i did really well for a FTM and someone who couldn’t feel anything at all from the epidural. My bf was amazing through it all. He cut the umbilical cord and watched the whole thing. I had a second degree tear and had to have stitches and i lost a lot of blood and had to be put on iron medication to help. But it was nothing like i thought it would be. I was so terrified but after the epidural it was a breeze. I would do all over again a million times for my baby girl. I am so so in love and I’m glad she choose me to be her mama. Say hello to Aria Marie Born August 8th at 11:59am. 6lb 8oz. 18.5 inches long