The nerve of some people

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I’m 29 weeks pregnant and I’ve been showing signs of preterm labor since 24. My doctor has me on pelvic rest, light activity, and progesterone suppositories (which all seems to be helping 🙌). I’m trying to still work, because I can’t really afford to be home on bed rest. So she said as long as I’m off my feet for the most part, I can continue to work. I manage a coffee shop/cafe, so I’ve literally just been sitting on a chair at the cash register, and my assistant manager has taken over my duties.

Today a man came up and ordered a large coffee, and I started to pour it (it’s within arms reach). He says “don’t get up” all snarky like I’m just being lazy or something. I replied “I won’t, doctors orders” with a forced smile.

That just really rubbed me the wrong way. He has no clue that I’m just trying to keep this baby in for as long as possible 😩😡

Me sitting on my chair, I’m very clearly pregnant.