My guy friends went to a popular strip club in LA and told me about it

So a couple of my guy friends went to a very popular strip club in LA after they came over to my house. They were talking about the night and I was shocked how far they went with the strippers. They both paid for a private dance which they do privately in the back room.

I always imagined what I see on tv girls dance the bouncer watching to make sure the guys don’t touch the strippers. That was not at all what happened at this strip club.

During the private dance the girls got completely naked and they were able to touch any part of them, even finger them and lick their bodies (private parts). The strippers even touched them and gave them hand jobs. So I was disgusting and I think of all these women who say strip clubs aren’t cheating it’s just visual no touching is allowed. Well that’s not always true. So if you didn’t know this is what’s really going on in these private back rooms at the strip clubs.