Ovarian Cysts


So for a long time now (3+ years) i’ve always had a small pain on the right side of my abdomen. Me being me, i never really thought anything of it and just thought it was a weird thing my body did sometimes. Well the other day i had the worst one ever and it was just a really sharp pain on my right side and it got worse when i tried to move for like 10 minutes. So I ended up going home from work early and going home and putting a heating pad on it and i was fine. So i scheduled an appointment with my obgyn and she ordered an ultrasound and i went and did that. Well she looked at my left ovary and it was fine, then she looked at my right and saw a ton of fluid and eventually saw the deflated cyst sitting in there. It was a pretty good size one of 3+cm. So she just kinda showed me that and talked to me about it a little bit and then wrapped up the appointment and said i may or may not receive a phone call letting me know basically what happened in the appointment and all that. Is that weird? Like i still have so many questions! So i’ve come to y’all, do y’all get them and why? what does the pain feel like to y’all and do you have them a lot? what do you do when yours rupture and what do y’alls doctors say?