So confused

I’d like to start this out by saying I’ve always been very self aware of changes in my body

I’m on birth control. Have been for 5+ years and have always had a normal period.

Last month- no period. 3 negative tests.

This month- at first nothing happened and i took a test. It was negative. A few days after my period would normally start I got a little light pink spots and thinking it was the start of my period I put in a tampon. When I went to take it out this was the cm on the string. ((( IT IS NOT THAT GREEN ISH DARK LOOKING- WIERD LIGHTING. More so brownish)))

TMI I know. But this isn’t common for me. Let alone no period.

Thoughts? We aren’t trying but we would be okay with it as well.

I have an exam in 1.5 weeks.