Need some encouraging words šŸ˜ž

Amanda ā€¢

I know I'm posting a lot about this and I'm sorry.

My son is breech and I have a ECV scheduled for Tuesday, and all I can think about is how this procedure could go wrong and I end up with a C-section that day!

I know it's super unlikely, but I've been doing all the at home inversions, yoga ball bouncing, light at the bottom of my belly, ice pack tricks and this kid is either just stubborn or unable to move. It's my first baby, and I'm real sad at the thought that I could never experience a vaginal birth. He's super mobile, so I feel like he's TRYING to rotate, but it just isn't happening...

Someone please help calm my nerves about this procedure! I'm already not wanting to do it just because of the discomfort. But I'll do anything for my baby to be here and healthy. Even though a C-section is NOT AT ALL what I am wanting šŸ˜ž

(And before anyone asks, my OB does not deliver breech babies, and I am not willing to switch OBs this late in the game)