Great news, but I’m livid.


So I doubt anyone recalls but two days ago I was told I was a high risk pregnancy because my baby was messing two weeks behind and I had to begin go to the dr twice a week. Well went back today to check and make sure baby was still practicing breathing and check out his cord AND talk to the high risk dr.

Well, she decides to take a look at baby after talking to me instilling more worry and whatnot and at first says we were giving the baby two weeks before we measured him again to see if he grew more.

Outta no where she was like “I’m just gonna go ahead and remeasure him”

20 minutes later she turns to me and says “you’re not measuring small to me. At most I think he’s just going to be on the shorter side. You’re not 4th percentile he’s more 13th..”

While this is GREAT news and I now only have to go once a week I’m irritated because the new girl who originally did my scan is why myself and my whole family was panicking for two days 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m so thankful and the headache I’ve had for the last two days has finally subsided nonetheless

Very good feeling to know my baby isn’t too small just short, which I’ll take gladly! Hopefully this means he’ll still make it until October 1st for our c section!