2 naps to 1

Heather • Maggie’s mom

A little background...My daughter is 14 months. Most of the year she goes to a babysitter M-F while I am at work. She has been on 1 nap at her babysitter since about 9 months. That’s when she started refusing her morning nap. And she’s been fine with that. She’s not overly cranky when she gets home, and she goes to bed fine and sleeps 11.5 hours in a row. However, when she’s at home on weekends, she has still willingly taken 2 naps.

I’m a teacher, currently finishing up summer break. When I have taken care of her this summer she has been taking 2 naps (she still goes to a babysitter 2x per week when I work my summer job, and she takes 1 nap). But recently it has taken her a very long time to fall asleep for that second nap. Sometimes she will roll around and play in her crib for 30-60 min before finally falling asleep. I’ve been trying get her down to 1 nap for a long time, but on those days when she does only have 1 nap, things don’t go well. She’s cranky, gets over-tired, throws more tantrums.

Why is she fine only taking 1 nap at her babysitter, but not at home? What should I do? Should I keep pushing for 1 nap at home?