I’m done *rant*


Y’all I haven’t even started my 11th grade year yet and I’m already ready to drop out. I take a lot of honors classes. One of those being English II Pre-AP which requires me to do summer reading. No problem right? YES IT IS A PROBLEM. I have to read a long way gone and east of eden and I have to have it done by this coming Monday because I’m going to be tested over it. Anyways here’s my problem

A: I’m broker than broke and I can’t afford to buy the books

B: I don’t have a library card so I can’t go to my local library to get them

C: everyone in my town is pretty competitive so I know they wouldn’t let me borrow their book and/ or they are just now reading the books themselves and can’t share rn

D: I hate listening to audio books because I’m a visual learner and I can never remember the content. I did that my freshman year and I failed my test. (Luckily I had a bunch of other grades in the grade book for that 6 weeks and it kept me afloat)

Anyways I’m about to shave my head, drop out and call it a day. I hate going to this school because they automatically assume that everyone has money and resources or isn’t busy with something else during the summer. Can’t wait to graduate and just live in a box or something.