HELP !!!


I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have NO sex drive what so ever. Me and my hubby have been good with no sex but there’s times he tries to get me in the mood and I see the disappointment in his face. I feel so bad because I reject him so much but I really just can’t even get in the mood no matter what, if I just go along with it I really don’t have a fun time. I’m swollen down there and I know they say sex is even better like that but I can’t even enjoy it cause I’m just too tender that I can only go a couple minutes before calling quits and he doesn’t like for me to just give him a handjob or tease him cause he always wants more and feels bad when he doesn’t get it. Does anyone have any advice , I know my hubby loves me and my body but I just feel too uncomfortable, it’s been almost 5 months since we had sex.