Hiding pregnancy at party

I had a mandatory work summer outing today at a rooftop pool. I’ve been paranoid that everyone thinks I’m pregnant because I’ve been super bloated, two of my colleagues are already pregnant, and people have made obnoxious comments in the past that I must be next.

Anyway, I’m 8 weeks, and I was making an effort to pretend to be drinking today to get people off of my scent. I accepted maybe two or three glasses of sparkling rosé that was handed to me throughout the day. I clinked glasses with colleagues, put it to my lips, and then ditched the glass. On a few occasions, I tasted the alcohol. Not a full sip at all,but enough to touch my lips and tongue and make it look like I was sipping.

Now I’m feeling really guilty about it. I thought it was totally fine in the moment, but I fell into a dark hole of reading comments on here about how only horrible, irresponsible mothers would risk their baby’s Heath. I just really wanted to hide the fact that I wasn’t drinking. I had a miscarriage in the past, so it’s really important that people don’t suspect anything.

It was waitress service in a cabana, so I didn’t really have an opportunity to order my own drinks, because it was all bottles and pitchers.

Am I terrible, or is it not a big deal and the commenters are overreacting?