Diaper book bag recommendation

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Okay so I used to have the run of the mill diaper book bag ghat literally everyone and their mother has.... (pic below)

Anyways I know so many people like this bag but I HATE IT...

Fire starters the shorter chubby bottles don’t fit and the tall slim bottles don’t fit in the bottle holders either... not to mention I’ve only had this bag since April and BOTH pockets on the inside have already started to rip.

Anyways on to amazon I went and I found this bag and I FRIGGIN LOVE IT AHHHH

it’s wider therefore making it easier to find things since it isn’t as deep and it has a TON of pockets on the inside and outside. The straps are padded and the back pack straps and messenger straps are all removable.

10/10 highly recommend this material is much thicker and it has feet on the bottom of the bag so the fabric isn’t sitting directly on surfaces.

I’m just sayingggg super cute and way nicer than the one I originally purchased.