When you feel like your husband doesn’t really care anymore 😢


So I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant and ever since I found out I was pregnant my husband doesn’t really care about how I feel ... at least that’s what it seems, he started going out with friends more and drinking and doesn’t care if cry and lately I just cry for everything 🙄😏... he wasn’t even exited when I told him and when I got my first ultrasound didn’t even asked to see the pictures even though he knew I was going on my first appointment..

I’m not even showing yet and he already asked how soon was I going to start working after I have the baby 😞 I never said I was going to sTop working (only before I have my baby if everything goes well and maybe 2 months after I have my baby) . I’ve already had two appointments and I’ve been to both by myself , when he had told me he was always going to be with there with me ... I understand he has to be at work but sometimes he misses just because he’s hungover ...

Sometimes I feel like I made the worst mistake by marrying the person I thought was the best of them all 😔

I feel like I have no support and I hate that feeling😔