My husband doesn't love me and I'm pregnant

BoyMommy19 • 25. Married.💍 Baby #1 (boy) due November 2019 💙

My husband of 2 years who I was dating for 8 years doesn't love me anymore. I am 7 months pregnant now. The minute we found out I was pregnant he got so upset and had a panic attack. We always had unprotected sex without getting pregnant so he never imagined I would be able to even though I always wanted a baby. Fast forward to now he is saying that we will both be much better without each other. He doesn't want to leave me during my pregnancy and wants to help me now and right after the baby is born. After I recover from bith he said we need to be seperate. It hurts me so much because I have given him my all and never ever let him down. I know this sounds cheesy but how dare he leaves an amazing woman like me? I'm not gorgeous but not bad looking either, I work hard and make good money, I do all the house duties and I care for him at all times even when he is sick I take care of him while I am pregnant. He was always my priority and I made the mistake by putting him first before myself 😞I don't understand how he cannot love me???? I'm so torn apart right now while carrying his baby my precious bundle of joy. 💔😭