Okayyyyy dont judge me

Sooo im 5 weeks and 3 days so i have a appointment with a nurse on the 27th then wont have my first ultrasound till im around 10 weeks

And i have bad anxiety so the cramps and brown spotting have my stressed out like crazy which i try not to so i do alot of relaxing to de stress and what not and so far nothing feels off even thought im not sure what to expect but no major cramps or anything so to ease myself i have taken a test atleast once a week since i found out i know its a waste of money blah blah blah

Anyway it calms me to see the positive still

But tonight i took one since i had the brown spotting again yesterday which always freaks me out and i took and test and the test line was instantly bright and the control line was faint?

Is this cause all the ink was immediately dragged to the positive line or is the test invalid? Thanks